The Sabay Beach Resort is located on the riverfront 20min away from Kampot City Center. It offers gorgeous sunset views over the Bokor National Park. There are a total of nine rooms available, two of them are located near the river and the other seven are located in their organic mango garden. Some of the rooms are equipped with aircon, other rooms are made of wood and are equipped with a fan. All rooms feature a comfortable King Size Bed and have private bathroom with hot shower. We have built everything with Love and a special care has been put into the design of the rooms, some of them are treehouses which have been designed by a French architect.

Our restaurant's hotel serves a European and Asian Fusion Cuisine with some of the dishes created by French chefs. You will also find the classics of local Khmer Cuisine ! The restaurant is popular due to our creative menu, the fresh food being served as well as the friendly and professional service offered by our Cambodian Front Of House team.

Our bar serves fresh fruit shakes, craft Cambodian beers, high end spirits, signature/classic cocktails and a nice selection of French and International wines is also available. 

There are also many activities to do during your stay in Kampot. These activities can be booked directly from the Front Office.

Sabay Beach being located upstream from Kampot town gives you the occasion to enjoy swimming in a non-polluted water.

The reception can organise Tuktuks going from and to Kampot town (20 mins ride) or taxis going from and to Phnom Penh Airport (3 hours drive).

Opened since 2017, the Sabay Beach became famous for its service, exceptional views and greenery and is among the best places to stay in Kampot.



Some sustainability initiatives we have taken at Sabay Beach 

No plastic straws or stirrers (stainless steel straws available).

Free refills of drinking water.

Glass bottles with drinking water in every room (refillable).

Refillable aluminium shampoo, soap, hand gel and hand sanitiser bottles.

Guests have the option to re-use towels.

No Trees cut during the property building process.

We have planted more than 200 plants and trees on the property.

Toothbrushes are available for free on-demand only.

Guests can opt-out of daily cleaning service.

Most of our Restaurant menu is sourced from our region.

We support local community projects (we have built more than 40 water wells for the community since 2019).

Our mango farm is 100% chemical free.

Amenities & Services 

 Bar & restaurant

Free WI-FI access

In-room dining

Free daily housekeeping

Concierge services

Pepper Shop

Private Bathrooms with Hot Shower

Bus & Boat tickets

Yoga retreats


No minimum stay requirement


Bokor National Park

Phnom Sor Hill

Old Church 


Motobike renting



Secret Lake

Pepper Plantations

Kep Beach

Crab Market

Night Market

Thank you all

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