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Dive Into the World of Kampot Pepper Mixology at Sabay Beach !

Nestled along the serene Kampot River, Sabay Beach is more than just a tropical getaway—it's a culinary destination where the essence of Kampot pepper shines in every glass. Renowned for its complex flavors and rich heritage, Kampot pepper brings an unparalleled depth to our cocktails, each crafted to perfection by our mixologists. Join us on a flavor-filled journey as we introduce you to our four signature Kampot pepper cocktails.

sabay beach restaurant cocktails gourmet food riverfront best restaurant kampot

Gourmet Dinner by the river at Sabay Beach


Smoky Stardust (Smoked Black Pepper)

Dive deep into the bold and nutty world of the Cannonball. Captain Morgan spiced rum, infused with smoked black pepper and keffir lime leaves, forms the heart of this robust cocktail. The addition of Frangelico and lime juice rounds out the flavors, while a dash of egg white creates a creamy texture. Garnished with keffir lime leaf and smoked pepper, this drink is a tribute to rich, smoky undertones and nutty sweetness.

cocktail sabay beach kampot pepper best restaurant in kampot

The bold and nutty Smoky Stardust


Honey Crush (Fresh Green Pepper)

Embark on a refreshing adventure with our Honey Crush, where smooth vodka meets the subtle heat of green pepper. Enhanced by the natural sweetness of honey and the crispness of apple juice, this cocktail is a harmonious blend that tantalizes the senses. Each sip offers a balanced profile of spicy, sweet, and fruity notes, perfect for those who appreciate a delicate yet complex drink.

cocktail sabay beach kampot pepper best restaurant in kampot

The crisp and sweet Honey Crush


White Whisper (White Pepper)

Let the White Whisper transport you to a fragrant, sunlit meadow. This cocktail features tequila infused with Kampot white pepper and lavender, creating a fresh and floral delight. Peach liqueur adds a juicy sweetness, while lime juice and tonic balance the flavors with a touch of tartness and effervescence. This drink is a sparkling escape into nature's embrace.

cocktail sabay beach kampot pepper best restaurant in kampot

The fresh and floral White Whisper


Long Pepper Lullaby (Red Long Pepper)

Experience the fiery allure of the Long Pepper Lullaby. Vodka infused with red long pepper and wild cardamom sets the stage for this bold cocktail. Cherry liqueur and cranberry juice add layers of fruity richness, while lime juice and palm sugar syrup bring a perfect balance of tart and sweet. Garnished with a Khmer basil sprig and a dry lime wheel, this cocktail is as visually stunning as it is flavorful.

cocktail sabay beach kampot pepper best restaurant in kampot

The rich and fruity Long Pepper Lullaby

Gourmet Riverfront Restaurant

At Sabay Beach, our culinary experience extends beyond cocktails. Pair your drink with gourmet dishes from our restaurant, such as Passionfruit and Vanilla Panna Cotta with Almond and Green Pepper Biscuits, or indulge in coffee desserts served with Red Kampot Pepper Chocolate Fudge. Delight in the perfect harmony of flavors!

cocktail sabay beach kampot pepper best restaurant in kampot

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta with Green Pepper Biscuits

The Heritage of Kampot Pepper

Kampot pepper, hailed as the "King of Peppers," is celebrated worldwide for its unique flavor profile. Cultivated in the fertile soils of the south of Cambodia, this pepper boasts a rich heritage dating back centuries. Its terroir imparts distinctive characteristics: black pepper with earthy and fruity notes, white pepper with a smoother taste and an intense heat, red pepper with a fruity sweetness, and the rare long pepper offering a complex, spicy aroma.

cocktail sabay beach kampot pepper best restaurant in kampot

La Plantation

Invitation to Savor

At Sabay Beach, we invite you to savor the intricate flavors of Kampot pepper through our expertly crafted cocktails. Each drink not only highlights the pepper's remarkable qualities but also tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the natural beauty of Cambodia. Join us and let your palate explore the rich tapestry of tastes that Kampot pepper brings to our unique and memorable cocktails.


We partner with La Plantation for our peppercorns, which are certified organic and of the highest quality.


Cheers to a journey of flavors at Sabay Beach! 🍹🌿


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